Honey Valentine - honey as an aphrodisiac

Medový Valentýn - med jako afrodiziakum - Davidova ekologická včelí farma

Saint Valentine - a holiday that all lovers are waiting for. This year's Valentine's Day falls on Wednesday, February 14, and we'd like to spice up this day of love with honey energy.

Saint Valentine is said to have been a Christian Roman priest who was martyred and lived around the 3rd century AD. At that time, the emperor Claudius II ruled, who forbade his soldiers to marry or even betrothed. According to his belief, a free soldier was a better soldier. Against his will, the priest Valentine married couples in love, for which he was executed by the emperor on February 14, 269. The ancient festival of Lupercalia, the Roman purification festival of the coming spring, when young girls put their name in the urn, is said to be related to Valentine's Day. The men then drew tickets, and the girl whose name was written on the ticket could be considered their sweetheart for the following year. If the relationship suited them, they could continue to be together. The priest Valentyn was allegedly imprisoned during the Lupercalia holiday and from prison he sent letters in which he asked the people to behave decently during this holiday. Before he died, he sent his sweet love letter with a declaration of love. And we have well-known valentines in the world.

Little by little, valentines were no longer enough, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, romantic dinners, balloon flights were added, and every year, right after Christmas, the shops are decorated with hearts, stuffed animals and special heart-shaped pasta. Whatever gift you're going to give to your significant other this year (to beat the previous year when you were looking for the last teddy bear with a heart at the gas station), try a slightly neglected classic, thanks to which you can skip all the previous steps and move straight to bed - an aphrodisiac .

An aphrodisiac is absolutely necessary on Valentine's Day - the Lupercalia holiday was perhaps the predecessor of Valentine's Day. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, the name from which the word aphrodisiac was derived, would surely agree that the word has a different meaning for everyone. For some it is the smell of a partner, for others the smell of jasmine, chocolate. It is something that puts us in a good mood, a sense of excitement, intensifies our senses and creates desire. Natural aphrodisiacs have been used by people for centuries, and one of the most proven ones is honey.

Honey as an aphrodisiac is already mentioned in the Kámasutra, where we find several recipes on how to deal with it in this sphere. Whether you want to try a strengthening potion, salve, or recipes like beans with honey, special wheat honey pancakes, or a honey drink - you now know where to look. In the 400-year-old Arabic book, The Garden of Fragrances for the Delight of the Mind, you will find a recipe for staying in love intoxication for three days and three nights.

As we already wrote in the article about cosmetics, honey has excellent moisturizing effects. You can therefore also use it for a sensual back massage, when you provide the body with hydration, the necessary substances, and at the same time its aroma will give you those intoxicating effects.

If you are more of a fan of the classics, but at the same time say in your head a sentence like "What if there was something to it?", we recommend you start the day with Golden Milk (a well-known drink that combines milk, honey and turmeric), and for dinner prepare steaks marinated in raw honey with chili from our organic bee farm and after dinner as a sweet finishing touch, use freeze-dried strawberries with raw flower honey on a spoon and we will leave the rest of the loving atmosphere to you.

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