shipping and payment


Ecologically, we don't just think outside, but also inside our honey packages. Our cardboard strips for filling packages are of our own production, we use them from old packaging that no longer meets our standards. We also use crumpled paper and corrugated cardboard.

All packages are made from recycled cardboard and some have even been used once. So when you get a package that isn't quite perfect, you know we're doing it for sustainability and love for our planet. We hope you will appreciate it! The packages are partly made from recycled cardboard and partly from once-used packages. Therefore, if a package arrives that does not look as nice as usual, it is for reasons of sustainability and love for our planet. We believe you will appreciate it.

Packing fragile items is always a bit of a conundrum. After long tests, we chose bubble wrap made from 50% recycled material, and sometimes we also use wrap that has already been used once. We are still working on an even more environmentally friendly version, but for our glass products, shipping is a bit risky. We will be grateful if you ever use or recycle our packaging.

The shipping time depends on the current situation, we always try to send everything within the second working day after receiving the order. The maximum shipping time is within seven working days of receiving the order.

The costs of postage and packaging, which the buyer chose in the order, are borne by the buyer:

Shipping to the Czech Republic

  • Post office - CZK 59 (free shipping for orders over 1000 CZK)
  • Home delivery - CZK 79 (free shipping for orders over 1000 CZK)
  • Surcharge for cash on delivery – 49 CZK

Shipping to Slovakia

  • Packet – 3.45 EURO (for orders over 29 EURO you get free shipping)
  • Package home - 4.45 EURO (for orders over 29 EURO you get free shipping)
  • Surcharge for cash on delivery - 1.95 EURO

Shipping to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland

  • Standard delivery – 8.95 EURO

Shipping to the rest of the world:

  • If you are interested in our products and you are not from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary or Poland, write to us at . We will be happy to calculate the shipping costs for a specific country.


  • Cash on delivery - the buyer pays for the goods only when taking over the goods in cash or by credit card to the postman (courier) or at the point of delivery. Cash on delivery is only possible for delivery in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Bank transfer – after receiving the order (proposal for concluding a purchase contract), the seller sends the buyer the amount of the purchase price, the account number and the variable payment symbol. The buyer fills in the order number as a variable symbol . The buyer pays for the goods to the seller's bank account in the Czech Republic 8410749002/5500 or to IBAN: CZ1455000000008410749002 before sending the goods, otherwise the goods will not be sent or handed over. This method of payment of the purchase price is considered an advance payment of the purchase price.
  • Online payment through the payment gateway - the payment will take place directly through the Shopify Payments payment gateway with a guarantee of security, protection against misuse and 3D Secure verification.
  • Payment currency – payment currency is possible in Czech crowns or Euros.

Full terms and conditions are publicly available on the seller's website:

The seller reserves the right to change prices depending on the current exchange rate of EUR and Czech crown.

These terms and conditions take effect on January 1, 2023. Updated 4/1/2024.