DIY gift: Christmas carol, Christmas carol, Stephen

DIY dárek: Koleda, koleda, Štěpáne - Davidova ekologická včelí farma

Christmas is knocking on the door and Christmas Day together with the fourth Sunday of Advent is approaching. In the last week before Christmas, many of us are expecting Christmas parties, children's gatherings and meetings with friends. So every year we need to have a smaller but grateful surprise with us, which will suit everyone's taste and taste.

It couldn't be any different for us this year. The nephew's Christmas party in kindergarten is coming up, and since he is a promising young beekeeper who helped on the farm during the summer, he was given the task of decorating honest honey. A quiet Sunday morning with carols was perfect for it, so we prepared the necessary things and threw ourselves into it. The Christmas elf couldn't be missing. It took a while at the beginning, after all, decorating a five-year-old has a slower start, but once we got down to it, it was actually a quick job and the boy is very happy with the resulting and independently created gift. And we will share that joy with you, so that you also have a quick and, at the same time, "suitable for everyone" Christmas present.

Decorated raw meds
Time required: approx. 0.5h to 1h (depends on whether you work with or without a child 😁)
To decorate the honey, we used jute rope, a piece of crimson ribbon, nuts, straw decorations, unused pine needles from the Advent wreath and adhesive rubber. Next, just scissors and universal raw flower honey.

Method :

You prepare the honey and the necessary material. We first cut the twigs into smaller pieces, took out the ornaments and nuts. After that, we wrapped a jute string around the honey, which we left looser in the last turn so that a diverse number of twigs could be stuck behind it. You can add a decoration, a ribbon bow, or a nut to them. We also used the lid of the honey to decorate it according to the nephew's taste, the sticky rubber helped a lot - especially in the child's independence (a hot melt gun would definitely work in a similar way). And that's all! There is beauty in simplicity and a perfect result is guaranteed here.

Of course, there are no limits to creativity and you can go as far as you like in decorating. We currently need to agree on which product to give the teacher and which she can keep. He wants to keep them all.

Above all, we wish you to spend the pre-Christmas season in peace and in the presence of people you love (and who you love to gift with quality raw honey).