Christmas-themed David's organic bee farm: I bring you the newspaper, listen

Vánočně laděná Davidova ekologická včelí farma: Nesem vám noviny, poslouchejte - Davidova ekologická včelí farma

This week is not only about Advent, winter and snow. It is a sign of news, propolis news. And when else to introduce them to you than during these fairy-tale days? Put on Christmas carols, grab a warm blanket, a fragrant tea with honey (with our raw honey, of course!) and immerse yourself in reading.

Bees in their hive do not only produce honey, although it might seem that way at first glance. They cover their walls with the mythical propolis, a substance already known to doctors and healers in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. In the first mentioned, its name propolis (pro - before and polis - city) was born, i.e. a kind of "suburb". Aristotle also mentions propolis in his works, who even made his own transparent beehive. However, the bee colony did not cooperate in it as he expected and covered its translucent screen with a dark opaque substance, propolis. He took it quite personally at the time, but what could be done, the bees probably didn't want to reveal their secret to him.

So what is propolis? It is bee sealant, a building and protective element of the beehive. It is produced by bees by combining resinous substances, beeswax and also contains essential oils and balm. It has properties that are maximally adapted to the needs of the hive, the season and also serves to protect the bee colony. It contains a lot of minerals such as magnesium or calcium, valuable vitamins B, C, E, has bactericidal and antihistamine effects. This is exactly why it is perfectly suited for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

And it is precisely in the field of cosmetics that we are so interested in propolis in today's article. In our e-shop you will not only find great and unique raw honeys, but this Christmas time our product portfolio is being expanded to include propolis cosmetic products. A total of three products are now included in the range of David's organic bee farm. Handmade, with the utmost possible care and attention. You will soon find that they are a clear "must have" in your virtual basket.

The first product is propolis lip balm . The balm is prepared by combining propolis, beeswax, olive oil and shea butter. It contains a unique composition that supplies our lips with an abundance of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Propolis also has antibacterial effects, so herpes bacilli don't stand a chance. Cracked lips, sore corners, canker sores and cold sores - this is the reality of our days. So often our halves have to look for someone else under the mistletoe. This is precisely why our lip balm is suitable. Of course, the bonus will be not only the fragrant honey smell, but also the fact that the other's lipstick will not remain on your lips. This balm is also not the type that you need to reapply every half hour, as it actually dries out your lips. It is enough once a day, for example in the evening during the evening routine after brushing the teeth. So you can easily give it to men too, at first they will struggle, but once a day they can do it too and soon they will find out that it is a miracle from heaven (we wave goodbye to chapped lips).


We don't just stop at lip balm. We also included propolis in another product. Natural soap with propolis is thus the number two product that you can buy from us. It's an all-rounder, and no, you really don't have to use it just for washing your hands - although we highly recommend it. Contains only propolis plus olive and sunflower oil. So, propolis is here in the absolute first place and gives the soap incredible effects - it is antibacterial (yes, that's why the mentioned hands), has antihistamine and healing effects, can deal with eczema and fungus (still a reference to the hands), regenerates skin tissue and gives it necessary nutrients (your hands want that too). You can use it in skin care and makeup removal, to wash the whole body, or to make homemade washing gel. It will be used after treatment of burns and after tattooing, in the summer after sunbathing. In the bathroom, it can also fulfill the function of decoration, get a stylish soap dish, like from your childhood, and you will score points when visiting as a non-toxic household, and that's what you want.

For the end, we kept the biggest propolis bomb, which will soon appear on the e-shop. Body balm with propolis . As if we took the previous two products and combined them into one and added something extra to it. This balm consists of shea butter, propolis and olive oil. Shea butter, which is a jewel in cosmetics in itself, takes propolis to a higher level. It gives it stronger effects and underlines its uniqueness. Whether you suffer from problematic skin of all kinds, acne, atopic eczema, reddened skin, or you just want to treat your body to the best in the form of a natural product, this balm is right for you. It perfectly regenerates the skin, provides it with more vitamins and minerals than anti-age creams costing thousands, and at the same time it is clean and chemical-free.

Suddenly you discover how simple it all can be. In the bathroom, three shelves are suddenly freed up, in which you can then place much more necessary things, such as candlesticks from jars of our raw honey, or simply leave them empty in the style of minimalism.

We believe that you like our news and that you will be at least half as excited about them as we are. It is not a matter of course, there are not an infinity of bee colonies, honey or propolis in the world, so we are glad that we have the privilege of working with bees, taking care of them and using the fruits of their labor with humility and recognition.