Christmas on the farm: To Jesus in Bethlehem with honey and candy

Vánoce na farmě: K Ježíškovi do Betléma s medem a cukrovím - Davidova ekologická včelí farma

Christmas time is perfect for perfuming the home with baking. Quality honey is an essential part of this. Whether you're rooting for the traditional gingerbread team or preferring a liquid version, you'll spend this time in a sweet honey intoxication.

In today's article, get ready for a good dose of recipes. Together we will look at the classic gingerbread, a healthier variant of Linnaeus sweets, or at the fragrant eggnog, from which you can easily make a homemade bombardino according to the version of our main beekeeper - the owner, David. Enjoy it!

Healthier Linz honey candy

Linnaeus sweets belong on every festive table at Christmas. In its basic form, it is just a correctly chosen combination of butter, flour and sugar. In our recipe, we replaced classic flour with spelled flour and sugar with honey. We guarantee that you will be delighted with the result. The dough is tender with the aroma of honey, butter and lemon.

We need:

300g spelled flour

200g of butter

100g of raw flower honey

2 egg yolks

a few drops of vanilla flavoring

1 lemon cane sugar


We prepare the butter and eggs from the fridge at least an hour in advance because they are at room temperature. Sift the flour, add butter, egg yolks, honey, lemon sugar and a few drops of vanilla aroma at the end. Knead by hand, or in a robot at low speed. Add a little flour as needed. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for at least an hour.

Roll out a thin sheet on a floured board and cut out the desired shapes. We like the classic, when we connect the shapes after baking and the upper part has a "window" in it. Bake at 180°C for approximately ten minutes. After it cools down, we combine it with marmalade, our favorite is hazelnut spread and freeze-dried strawberries with raw flower honey.


Gingerbread cookies with forest honey

Gingerbread cookies are hot favorites everywhere. They are baked several times a year, but during Christmas it is different, so magical. We regularly make two batches - St. Nicholas and Christmas. We recommend trying the gingerbread ornaments for the tree, they combine wonderfully with the scent of pine needles and perfume the whole room.

We need:

400g of plain flour (we recommend the type of gingerbread flour)

100g of butter

80g of powdered sugar

2 eggs

120g raw forest honey (can also be flower honey)

3 teaspoons of gingerbread spice

1.5 teaspoons of baking soda

3 teaspoons of Dutch cocoa

We take the eggs and butter out of the fridge at least an hour in advance to allow them to come to room temperature. We make a dough from all the ingredients, we recommend by hand, which is best left to rest overnight in the fridge. Roll out the gingerbread dough on a floured board, or between two sheets of parchment paper. Cut out various shapes, bake at 180 °C for approximately ten minutes. After removing, brush with beaten egg and let cool. It is possible to decorate cooled gingerbread with icing, but we never have time for it, because gingerbread disappears at lightning speed.


Honey scrambled eggs

Who doesn't know classic eggnog? There are only two camps, you either love it or you can't even feel it. Fortunately, we belong to the first mentioned and its production has become our Christmas tradition. And since we are an organic bee farm, we put honey absolutely everywhere. And it goes perfectly with scrambled eggs.

We need:

~ 4 larger yolks, or 5 smaller ones

~ 250 ml whole milk

~ 1 can of Salko type condensed milk

~ vanilla extract (or vanilla bean/vanilla sugar)

~ 250g of raw flower or forest honey

~ 250-300ml of rum or alcohol (amount at your discretion)


We will prepare a tall pot in which we will beat the milk, vanilla extract and egg yolks. Next, whisk in the condensed milk and heat until thickened. Remove from the heat, keep stirring, as soon as the temperature drops (around 40 °C), add honey and beat with a whisk until it cools down. If we were to add honey to a warmer mixture, all the precious substances would disappear from it, that's how the liqueur is actually also "healthy" :). Strain through a strainer, finally add the selected alcohol in a small amount to the cooled mixture. Pour into the prepared bottle, keep in the cold, in the refrigerator, or pour directly into glasses. We recommend warming up with David's improved version.


Homemade bombardino according to David

Honey scrambled eggs are absolutely delicious, but what can you do to please a frozen visitor? The preparation takes a moment and the result is grandiose.

We need:

~ honey scrambled eggs

~ whisky

~ whipped cream


Lightly heat the honey scrambled eggs in a pot and mix in the whiskey. We'll leave the amount up to you and your degree of frostbite. Pour into smaller glasses, decorate with whipped cream, a small straw and serve in frozen hands.

Christmas is already knocking on the door, we hope that our recipes will inspire you and that you will enjoy the holidays of peace and well-being together in the presence of our raw honey. And if you are not a very skilled baking artist, give raw honey to someone under the tree, include these recipes, and maybe your grateful relatives will bake them for you additionally.

From David's organic bee farm, we wish you a merry and relaxing Christmas!